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Moving To Frankfurt: Why UK Expats Love The City

People from around the United Kingdom love Frankfurt, Germany. In fact, Frankfurt is home to many UK expats. Let's discuss the most popular areas for UK expats, the types of properties that can be found in Frankfurt, property prices and who should consider moving and/or retiring to the city. 

Popular Areas Of Frankfurt For UK Expats 

There are several popular areas of the city that UK expats tend to flock to. Lots of expats actually choose to live in neighbourhoods just outside of Frankfurt. This is because it's easier for them to get to the centre, while at the same time being able to enjoy a quieter life. 

However, UK expats that want to live in the city tend to choose the Westend. The area is expensive, but it's located minutes from the centre. The reason why Westend is a major hit with expats is because of there are several universities in the area, as well as museums. 

The largest neighbourhood in Frankfurt is Sachsenhausen. People often consider it to be its own city, as there are lots of attractions and things to do. This includes its river and its museums. 

Types Of Properties

Frankfurt is one of the largest cities in Germany, so it's no surprise that there are lots of different properties located throughout. This includes single and two family homes. Condos are popular properties among UK expats. Apartments can also be found throughout the city. 

Property Prices 

The average price of a single or two-family house goes for around £800,000. However, many factors come into play when it comes to property prices in Frankfurt. Location, size of the property and special features and amenities are all major factors.  

Here's a tip: before you buy a property in Frankfurt, make sure to review new custom laws for those from the UK. After you do this, compare as many properties as you can, but make sure you don't go outside your budget. Also, use various sources to find properties in Frankfurt. 

Who Should Move Or Retire To Frankfurt

People from the UK move to Frankfurt for various reasons. Families love the city because there are many events held throughout the year. This includes sporting events and festivals. There is always something for families to do. 

Frankfurt offers retirees plenty of things to do, too. This includes everything from museums to bike paths, mountain trails and shops. Let's not forget to mention there is no shortage of parks for expats to explore and spend a few hours in or an entire day. 

The city has a multicultural vibe. This means expats have many options when it comes to restaurants. Not only that, but the nightlife is vibrant and there are pubs and bars that appeal to everyone. This includes music venues, dance clubs, jazz bars and much more.

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