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The Benefits Of Living In Spain

If you are currently in the United Kingdom, and you are going to move to Spain, you may want to consider creating a plan of action that can get you there. There are many factors to consider including the average cost of houses, what it will cost to rent a property in this country, and how much it will cost for food and basic provisions. The climate that is in Spain is very different from the UK, something that you may want to consider before fully transitioning to this country. In addition to this, you might want to learn about the culture, the food they have available, and the type of transportation options that are available to the general public.

Here is an overview of what you can expect if you decide to move from the UK to Spain in the near future.

What Is The Climate Like In Spain?

Spain has a Mediterranean climate. You can expect to experience warm yet wet winters, calm westerly winds, and hot dry summers that are characteristic of this part of the world. If you have ever been to locations such as southwestern Australia, South Africa, or even California the climate at these locales is very similar. Amidst all of the beautiful countryside that you will see in all directions, this is coupled with outstanding architecture, delicious cuisines, and a long history of producing fantastic artwork. These are some of the primary reasons that people decide to move to Spain, but getting there will take some planning.

The Cost Of Living In Spain

If you are just considering the cost of living for a small family, minus the cost of renting or purchasing a home, it will cost €2000 on average. If you are moving by yourself, this cost dramatically drops to about €600. By comparison to the United States, for example, you are going to save money on all of the things that you will need to use. This includes the cost of food, clothing, and basic amenities. However, when looking at the cost of rent, this is where Spain becomes very appealing. By comparison to the US, it is nearly half as expensive to live in this country. The cost of real estate is also similar. Therefore, if you are retiring from a long career in the UK, you can do very well moving to this Mediterranean location.

Schools And Transportation In Spain

If you are moving with your family, children that are aged from 3 to 16 are required to attend school. All of the schools are funded by the state. However, despite having an education that is paid for, materials for school such as pens, paper, computers, books, and even uniforms must be paid for by the parents. If you are single, and you will attend the University, the same costs apply. The only difference is that you will have to pay tuition to attend college in Spain which averages out to €1000 per semester. Transportation in Spain includes a wide variety of public transportation including railroads, bus transportation, and taxi services. Most people choose to use the bus and public rail system simply because it is so efficient and inexpensive. One of the highlights of their transportation system is that the Spanish National Highway Company has provided high-speed rails that go all throughout the country. Combined with an excellent education system, these are more factors that will motivate people to move from the UK to Spain.

The Culture Of Spain

Although finding your way around Spain, and locating a place to live, are all very important, you should also learn a little bit about the culture of this country. This will include understanding more about their history, as well as the types of cuisine that you can expect to be consuming on a regular basis. Spain has a very unique connection to Western European culture, one that has been heavily influenced by ancient Rome and also Celtic cultures. In regard to food and drink, the paella valenciana is perhaps the most famous Spanish dish, along with sangria, cava, and horchata as drinks that you can expect at restaurants throughout this country.

If you are planning to move from the UK to Spain, you now have a better idea of what to expect. Whether you are moving there after retirement, or perhaps you would like to simply experience the Spanish culture, this is what you can expect. Get A Quote for Removals to Spain It is a wonderful country that has so much to offer for both individuals and families alike.

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