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UK Expats Moving to Munich: What to Expect, Types of Properties, and Areas

Many UK expats are moving to Munich in recent years, attracted by the improved job prospects and quality of life. The German capital is a great destination for families with children, couples without kids, or singles looking for an apartment in a trendy neighbourhood. This blog post will talk about who are UK expats moving to Germany and why they are doing it. We'll also discuss what types of properties can be found in Munich, rental processes, and the most popular areas among expats when looking for apartments.

German cities are known for being very family-friendly, with public facilities that are also good for kids. It's not an issue to find English-speaking schools or daycare centres in Munich either. There are always great deals to be found in the region when it comes to quality education. For couples without children, Munich offers a vibrant nightlife and there are plenty of trendy areas to live in for singles looking for an apartment. 

The city offers a wide range of properties to accommodate every need, from cheap shared flats for students or young professionals on the budget who are looking for their first apartment in Germany. To large family houses with plenty of rooms and garden space available in good neighbourhoods throughout Munich.

Since it's such a big destination among expats moving to Germany, let's start by talking about the most popular areas among expats in Munich. As you might have guessed, many working professionals and students looking for their first apartment or a shared flat to live together with other people choose Schwabing as a district of choice. The area is very well-connected both by public transport and road networks which makes it easy to reach the city centre. It has lots of green spaces and parks, bars with outdoor seating so you can enjoy a drink in the summertime - basically everything an expat could want!

For those looking for family houses or larger apartments, there are many good areas to look at around Munich. Some of them include Bogenhausen, Milbertshofen-Am Hart, and Moosach. Bogenhausen is a great choice for those who want to be close to the city centre but still enjoy greenery since there are many parks nearby as well as easy access to public transportation.

Since renting a property in Germany is different from doing it back home, you'll need to be aware of certain aspects before moving.

For example, up until 2013 when the new rental law came into force, landlords were able to increase monthly rents by any amount they wished if a tenant left their apartment during the tenancy period. This led many people without long-term contracts to feel like they were being ripped off by landlords. Now, rental increases are capped at 20% above the local average in any given area - so you'll be better protected if your contract lasts more than two years!

Finding an apartment in Munich isn't easy since there is high demand along with very few properties available on the market. This means that it will probably take you longer than in other cities to find your perfect place.

If you are moving by yourself or using a European Moving Company like , make sure to visit the property during the week since most landlords only show their places at weekends. If there's a room available for rent in an apartment building, see if you can get access to the building during the week, or ask your estate agent to book an appointment with you on a weekday.

To avoid any problems when looking for places, make sure that you always bring someone who can speak German along with you like another ex-pat friend or one someone who has information about German rental laws and contracts.

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